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24 Apr Garden Design – Shape and Structure

Garden Design

So we have been moving on with our Garden Design Journey.  The next step is to design the shape and structure that will meet our visual needs and functional needs in the garden.  This did happen a few weeks ago, but April is one of the busiest months for a Garden Landscaper so please forgive me.

Central Bed

Central sloped border


The garden is to be split into two sections by a sloping border in the centre.  The bed is sloped towards the front of the bed, held up by natural rocks then dropping to a shallow bed at the front.  This means any planting will be visible, the rear of the bed will be saved for taller shrubs and small trees.  The design will also create a ‘colourful wall’ between the house and the kitchen garden at the bottom of the garden.



Around the sides

Left hand side

Right hand side



The left hand side will be planted with trees and shrubs to entice the wildlife into the garden.  The right hand side will be planted with shade loving shrubs and plants to sit under the overarching Birch trees from our neighbours garden.




Kitchen Garden


Kitchen Garden


At the bottom of the garden will be our vegetable and fruit beds.  The soil here is very sandy so to ensure we can grow all types of vegetable, the team created raised beds to allow us to add an additional layer of compost.  And talking of Compost….




The Future Energy for our Garden




A big garden creates a lot of waste and also because of the poor quality of the soil will require lots of nutrients in the form of compost.  The team was set the task of building a composting system for the garden.  I think they did a damn fine job.



The practicalities

So the design was mapped the structures for the kitchen garden put in place. The next step was to incorporate new soil and nutrients, so 10 cubic metres of compost and top soil were used to fill in and dress all the beds.   The last thing to plan is the patio, as we moved to the house in November we are still plotting the path of the sun, however we have an idea of the best position.  But I think we may be busy planting for a short while.  Next update will be all about planting.

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