Hard Landscaping

At Nicholas Lever Landscapes, we provide a variety of hard landscaping services for homes in the Bournemouth area. Hard landscaping is the process in which materials such as stone, paving, brick, etc are used to alter the structure of the garden landscape. This includes creating walls, fences, pathways, patios and driveways to suit your lifestyle and requirements.

A special feature that sets our hard landscaping work in Bournemouth from others, is our use of reclaimed materials such as flagstone, cobble stone and more, which will add a timeless feel to your property. This also fits in with our drive to be sustainable within all of our services.

Hard landscaping services that we can offer include:


Walls - Brick, Stone etc

Block Paving


Ornamental Stone

Brick Features

The sky is the limit when you choose Nicholas Lever Landscapes and we will use our technical knowledge and expertise to craft a garden that is unique to your Bournemouth property. If you want somewhere to relax in your garden, we can create a tranquil spa hidden away in your property.

We guarantee when you choose our company, you will receive the most competitive prices on the market. At Nicholas Lever Landscapes, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for customers in Bournemouth, so contact us today for more details.